FINAL REHEARSAL FOR SATURDAY, MAY 19th, 6 pm RECITAL will be held on Friday, May 18th 


Be sure your dancer is dressed in his/her costume with tights, shoe ribbons, headpieces, and correct hairstyle. If your dancer has two costumes, please bring the other costume on a hanger and all other dance shoes. This is a very tight schedule, so please have your child to the theatre on time and ready to dance.  It is important that your dancer get the opportunity to dance on the stage, but most routines will be run only one time and we do not have time to repeat routines due to tardiness to the rehearsal.  We will also rehearse the finale with all dancers except “Happy National Dog Day”. As soon as your dancer completes her routines and a finale practice then she/he may leave.  

Rehearsal times: 

4:30  Happy National Dog Day Pics


4:30 Housewarming Party Pics/Senior Snapshots

              (Black & Gold) (jazz) 

4:30  Covergirl Photoshoot/Freeze Frame 

              (Purple/Teal/Black) (jazz) 

4:30  Jungle Photo Op

              (Gold & leopard print) (jazz) 

4:30  My First Tooth Fairy Visit/My First Bike Photo

              (Aqua & Navy) (tap first) 

5:00  Girl Party Collage/Back to School Pics

              (Aqua & Gold) (tap first) 

5:00  Superstar/Cruise Ship Portraits

              (Lavendar & Silver) (tap first) 

5:00  Kissing Booth

              (Purple) (ballet) 

5:00 Photograph

              (Purple) (lyrical ballet) 

5:00  Mugshot

              (Orange & Black) (hip hop) 

5:00  (Filter Fresh)

Hip Hop 3


ARRIVING RECITAL NIGHT.  On the big day of recital – doors will open at 5:15 to the theatre and dressing rooms. All seats are reserved, so please keep your ticket stubs in case there is a seat discrepancy. All dancers must arrive between 5:30 and 5:45. Dancers should come dressed in first costume with hair and makeup done. Light makeup will keep dancers from washing out under bright stage lights. Remember no watches, no jewelry, and no personal headpieces should be worn with costumes.  No panties should be worn with girl costumes.   

Due to limited space, we ask that only one adult bring the dancer to the stage door at the back of the theatre and down the stairs to the dressing rooms. The adult should then exit the same way and to the outside and walk around to enter through the front entrance. For safety purposes, no one will be allowed to enter and exit dressing rooms during the performance or intermission. We have wonderful Competition Team mothers and your child’s dance teachers that will chaperone each class and make sure your child is cared for and ready to perform at the designated time. Each dancer should have first and last name on all shoes, additional costumes pieces, and additional costumes. Make sure your child has a dance bag to put all dance shoes and additional costumes and pieces in.     

AFTER THE SHOW. At the conclusion of the performance all dancers will be on stage for finale.  Please do not leave your seat early or enter the stage area through the curtains to pick up your child.  We need all dancers to return to the dressing rooms for a head count and safe pick up. Please be patient and give us ample time to get your child safely back to the dressing rooms so you can easily pick them up. Once all dancers are safely accounted for in the dressing room, they may be picked up. Please remember to send only one person downstairs to collect your dancer.  

Arrive for the show in the following costume: 

Covergirl/Freeze Frame/Kissing Booth/Filter Fresh/Mugshot – Jazz is first 

Cruise Ship/Superstar/Safari- Ballet is first 

House Warming/Senior Snapshots/Filter Fresh/Photograph/Mugshot– Jazz is first 

Toothfairy/My First Bike – Tap is first 

Girl Party/Back to School/Safari – Tap is First 

*Happy National Dog Day - Ballet

*We will email for instructions on drop off and pick up on show day.